Recent Projects


Floating explores a calm, soft, oceanic experience of water.

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Three LCD screens sit on the floor of the space; on the LCD screens are slow moving fluid images.

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Falling is a video installation exploring the sensation of floating

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Brushes of Liquid is a series of four twisted, distorted sections of responsive handrail.

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Strokes is a responsive surround-sound and light installation that attempts to evoke some of the human sensory experiences relating to swimming.

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Other Projects


My art practice explores new methods of evoking felt corporeal experiences and related emotional states of mind. Most of my work has focused on experiences related to being in, or close to, water. Recent works are developing into an exploration of more abstract experiences (e.g., instead of the experience of floating in water, a work might now be more focused onĀ floating as a state of mind.) A strong element running throughout this work has been the exploration of simple interactions that are often based on stillness, motion, and touch. Recently, the media I've been working with are video, sound, light, and touchable objects.

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