Whispers of streams

In an old Japanese home, a subtle sound whispers from the tokonoma, an alcove traditionally reserved for artistic display. This sound, delicate, invites the viewer closer.

As the viewer's eyes lift, a projection gradually reveals itself upon the ceiling of the tokonoma.

This imagery, an ethereal dance of light, evokes the serenity and complexity of waterways. Each luminescent trail, with its unique ebb and flow, mirrors the myriad paths of streams that meander across our landscapes. With the inception of each trail of light, a corresponding sound gently unfolds, like the murmur of a stream.

As each pattern of light emerges and fades on the ceiling, they remind us of the impermanence that defines our reality. These flowing lights, akin to the meandering paths of streams, represent the continuous and unending cycle of life's phases – birth, growth, decay, and renewal. The cyclical nature of these patterns echoes the rhythms of nature, where each end is a precursor to a new beginning.