Rock No.1

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The viewer walks into the space, they see two screens facing in opposite directions. The viewer can see that behind the first screen there is a second screen, but they can't see both screens at once. As they move into the space the images on the screens start moving slowly, the image is a rough, abstract texture. The volume of sound starts to increase. The viewer can see another screen, this shows a simple abstract texture but it is smooth. The longer the viewer stays in the space the louder sounds become.

The piece is inspired by a moment on Spiky Beach on the east coast of Tasmania. Many of my pieces have been recorded at Spiky Beach or inspired by moments of being in or near the water there. On this particular visit I noticed the way the surface of rock that I’ve walked past many times in the past, was so radically different on the side that faced the water compared to the side on the beach. Rock No. 1 is evocative, of almost timeless rock being changed by the weather.