The process of creating living computers with Michael Sedbon

The process of creating living computers with Michael Sedbon

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  • (0:00:00) The control you have over biology

  • (0:01:08) Introduction to the Crypto Being installation

  • (0:02:51) The slow movement of the algae in the installation

  • (0:04:35) The idea for the piece and the behaviour of the algae

  • (0:06:23) Michael shifting perceptions through studying life science

  • (0:08:26) The process of creating the installation

  • (0:11:59) The challenges of working with living organisms

  • (0:14:51) The prototype nature of the installation

  • (0:16:26) Comparing commercial design work to artistic work

  • (0:19:21) Getting started in living computation or computation

About Michael Sedbon

Michael Sedbon is a Paris-based artist, and life science researcher. Michael’s work investigates the convergence of digital technologies with non-human intelligence, exploring the impact on societies and environments. He constructs bio-computers, investigating the interface between biology and computer science. Michael has received notable recognition, including the Bio Arts and Design Award, the Falling Walls Art and Science Breakthrough, and was shortlisted for the Lumen Prize​. His work has been exhibited globally, and he has participated in esteemed residencies​​. Michael holds a masters in interaction design and is studying synthetic and system biology.

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