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Embracing slowness with Camila Colussi


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  • (0:01:39) Camila explains the concept of "Tectonic lingering" and how it relates to her personal experience with earthquakes in Chile.
  • (0:06:05) Camila describes the LED light display in the installation and how it interacts with earthquake data.
  • (0:07:20) Camila discusses the sound interactive system in the installation and how it tells stories about earthquakes and time.
  • (0:10:42) Robin reflects on how experiencing tremors in Chile changed Camila's awareness of the world.
  • (0:13:03) Camila discusses the fragility of the earth and how it can be taken for granted.
  • (0:15:13) Camila explains the intention behind creating an invitation to linger with the installation.
  • (0:16:21) Camila discusses the use of headphones in the installation and how it enhances the immersive experience.
  • (0:19:34) Simplifying the technology for portability and accessibility.
  • (0:21:35) The piece started from a desire to explore slowness in technology.
  • (0:24:02) Making decisions and refining the concept over time.
  • (0:25:05) Writing, drawing, and prototyping to develop the piece.
  • (0:29:05) Challenges and iterations in the prototyping process.
  • (0:33:12) Advice for artists working with interactivity. Camila discusses the need for flexibility in physical computing projects.

About Camila Colussi

Camila Colussi, a Chilean artist based in London, has an MFA in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths University of London and currently works at Kingston University. She works across mediums like installation, video, sound, objects, and interactive technologies. Her art explores the nexus of technology, politics, and human experience, focusing on the political dimensions of time, care, and sensing technologies. Colussi's pieces have graced prestigious venues globally, earning her accolades like a 2023 Lumen Prize nomination and grants such as the 2020 FONDART Nacional from the Ministerio de las Culturas, Chile. She is also a sought-after speaker and educator, sharing insights worldwide.

Takeaways from this interview with Camila Colussi 

Description of “Tectonic Lingering: a microPolitics of Time”

“Tectonic Lingering: a microPolitics of Time” installation consists of an LED light display that surrounds the viewer and responds to real-time earthquake data, creating a visual representation of tectonic movements. There is a sound component triggered by touching copper tape on the floor, inviting viewers to sit down and engage with the piece on a sensory level.

When the ground moves

"When a tremor happens, it feels like a moment in which everything stops," and "I wanted to create something that was an invitation to linger."

Camila's inspiration for the piece comes from her personal experiences living in Chile, a tectonically active country, and her observations of how tremors and earthquakes can disrupt our sense of time and presence.

The process

The creative process behind "Tectonic Lingering" involved prototyping and iterating on the technical aspects of the installation and making them as simple as possible by moving from working with Max/MSP to only working with an Arduino.


"Test and iterate and prototype and maybe be flexible. I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve, I had to make decisions during the making that were not maybe what I imagined from the beginning, I had to be flexible."

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