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Creating reflective spaces with Nora Gibson

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  • (0:00:00) Choreography vs interactive installations
  • (0:02:20) Description of ‘the dream’ installation
  • (0:06:25) Audience response to ‘the dream’
  • (0:08:29) Core ideas explored in the piece
  • (0:11:00) Personal reflection and enrichment in creating the installation
  • (0:14:03) Art as a tool for learning and growth
  • (0:15:00) Transition from ballet to installation practice
  • (0:17:49) Using participants' bodies in the installation
  • (0:18:07) Shifting focus from the performer to the experience
  • (0:18:49) Redefining virtuosity in coding and conveying messages effectively
  • (0:20:32) Process of creating ‘the dream’ piece and experimenting with visuals
  • (0:22:25) Using organic and natural visuals in the piece
  • (0:23:58) Embracing recycled ideas and having a unique message
  • (0:24:37) Differences between creating an interactive installation and choreographing
  • (0:27:30) Finding freedom and a different perspective through interactive work
  • (0:27:33) Augmenting the experience with sound and live experimentation
  • (0:30:19 ) Advice for others: Use tools to communicate your message effectively

About Nora Gibson

Nora Gibson trained in ballet at the Baltimore School for the Arts, where she studied under renowned mentors including Sylvester Campbell of the Dutch National Ballet. Nora further honed her skills at Chautauqua and NCSA, and earned a BFA from Tisch at NYU. She has danced for multiple companies including the Ellicott City Ballet Guild, PATH Dance Company, ClancyWorks Dance, and Andrew Marcus Dance, and has collaborated with iconic choreographer Lucinda Childs. 

For a decade, Nora led the Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet, a Philadelphia-based contemporary ballet company. She gained critical acclaim and presented her work at prestigious venues such as the Franklin Institute. This included discussing her groundbreaking dome ballet, MANDALA, at the TouchDesigner summit at MUTEK in Montreal in 2018.

As an educator, Nora has designed courses that range from ballet to digital art, and has taught at institutions such as Temple University and the University of the Arts. She received the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2018 for her work at Temple University.

Nora has transitioned from choreography to digital practice. Her digital creations have been featured at international platforms such as Ars Electronica and the Hexagram Network,  Online Global Gallery, Contemporary & Digital Art Fair, Lightbox, and Urban Screens Production.


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