Crafting 'Vectorize(Prototype)': A digital double approach with SPEKTRA

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Crafting 'Vectorize(Prototype)': A digital double approach with SPEKTRA

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  • (0:01:19) Description of “Vectorize(Prototype)”
  • (0:01:51) Discussion on Spectra’s shift from installation work to performance
  • (0:03:00) Experimentation and new techniques in “Vectorize(Prototype)”
  • (0:04:00) Challenges of working with a large space and lights
  • (0:05:31) Inspiration for “Vectorize(Prototype)” came from a new device
  • (0:07:05) Use of 3D simulations in planning the piece
  • (0:09:22) Simulation and modelling now used in most of their works
  • (0:12:13) Learning to create performance works was a challenge
  • (0:13:56) Current projects involve mirror installations and merchandise
  • (0:16:36) Collaboration involves specific skills rather than specific roles
  • (0:17:16) Advice for working with light installations
  • (0:17:57) Three points: creating something we’re interested in, site specificity, new techniques
  • (0:19:50) Importance of being interested in new ideas and techniques
  • (0:20:18) Collaborative approach to creating artwork
  • (0:21:15) Collecting ideas from members and valuing personal experiences

About Spektra Studio

SPEKTRA is a Kyoto-based group that engages in experimentation and expression.
Members change dynamically according to projects and venues as they search for new ways to describe ideas.

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